EU gas market

Liberalisation of the natural gas sector

Compared with the electricity sector, liberalisation of the natural gas sector in most of Europe (except Great Britain) proceeded initially in a rather hesitant fashion. But since the adoption of the third EU internal gas market legislative package in 2009 the opening of the gas supply industry has accelerated, especially in Northern and Western portions of the continent. This acceleration has been accompanied by pricing pressure attributable to recessionary economic conditions, new sources of supply in Russia, the Middle East, North Africa and North America coming on stream and competition from cheapening coal imports.

We can help you work out the gas markets dynamics and the potential consequences for your business

Stratos Energy Consulting is available to help you work out the potential future dynamics of the worldwide and European gas wholesale markets. We can also perform current analysis of price formation, competitive forces and alternative fuels. We have a good understanding of the interaction of the markets in natural gas, electricity, carbon emission allowances and coal. And we can map out for you the political and regulatory environment in which your decisions will be made, whether you are a gas producer, a trader, a retail supplier, a consumer or a service provider to the sector.

What our clients say

"Stratos Energy Consulting has helped us to feel more confident about our decision to make a major investment in the European electricity sector, at a time when the price, demand and regulatory outlooks are highly uncertain."

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