EU electricity market

A single wholesale market

Since the advent of widespread electricity sector liberalisation in Europe from about 1999, it has been ever more realistic to talk about a single wholesale market in power across the continent. With liberalisation came a significant degree of privatisation and a succession of mergers and acquisitions. Consumers have benefited from market opening initially, but more recently suffered from increasing costs of renewable electricity investments, grid expansions and nuclear plant closures.

Tailored to your business

Stratos Energy Consulting is available to help you work out what are the continuing consequences of liberalisation of the electricity sector, how wholesale prices are formed, how electricity trading is carried out, who may be the winners and losers. Our services extend to historical analyses, checking for clients what exactly were market circumstances at any particular time, across any particular geography. We can also aid in competition evaluations, explaining the EU market design "target model", and comparison of regulatory regimes.

What our clients say

"Stratos Energy Consulting has helped us to feel more confident about our decision to make a major investment in the European electricity sector, at a time when the price, demand and regulatory outlooks are highly uncertain."

"We have appreciated the historic market analyses delivered by Stratos, which have enabled us to move forward in a high value dispute with major implications for our future strategy."